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Mr. Shivers is a literary fiction book by author Robert Jackson Bennett.
Robert Jackson Bennett makes an impressive debut with this delightful dark story.
The extreme poverty brought about by the Great Depression was nowhere more evident than the thousands of people looking for work along the American rail system. A man haunting railroad camps was driven by an entirely different kind of despair: revenge. And Marcus Connelly won’t stop until he avenges the brutal murder of his daughter at the hands of a monster known as Mr.

He shudders is a novel that begins as one thing and gradually evolves into something else. Connelly, a man broken with rage and depression over the death of his young daughter sets out as a tramp to find and kill her killer. A man he saw, with a scarred face named Mr. Shivers.

On his way, he meets many wonderful myths about the man, none of which he believes – at first.

The story begins as a factory revenge story, one based on reality and set during the Great Depression, but as Connelly grows closer to Mr. Shivers, the story sinks deeper into myth, away from reality, and becomes more magical.

Bennett paints a pretty basic depression scene. He includes a dust storm, many poor families heading west, and some other commonly known details. Overall, the settings are the best. Bennett’s setting could take place in almost any era, except that he chose to call it the Great Depression. This is disappointing, as the novel could have felt richer and more realistic with more detailed descriptions. It ends with feeling poorly researched, if studied.

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