Murder in the East End By: Jennifer Ashley – Free Full Audiobook

Murder in the East End is the fourth mystery novel in the Kat Holloway Below Stairs Mysteries series by author Jennifer Ashley.
Young chef Kat Holloway learns that the children of the Foundling Hospital in London are mysteriously disappearing and one of their nurses has been murdered, she cannot turn her back on. She enlists the help of her charming and mysterious soulmate Daniel McAdam, who has ties to Scotland Yard, and Errol Fielding, a scandalous man from Daniel’s troubled past, to bring in the killer. before justice.

Their investigation takes them from the grandeur of Mayfair to the slums of the East End. During that time Kat learns more about Daniel and his situation than she could have imagined.

Kat Holloway is a cook in a Victorian upper-class household, a cook so good at her job that she commands a good salary and a full day and a half off, rather than the half-day usually granted to domestic servants. The reason for this demand is a secret, though, as Kat has a young daughter living with friends. The usual assumption is that a servant in the era had no personal life and no right to one. Kat must tread lightly to maintain secrecy. She also has a man in her life, Daniel McAdam. Daniel is a mystery'” who comes and goes and has connections to the government and police.

Daniel has involved Kat in several of his investigations because she can ingratiate herself with servants in other households. The servants always know what is going on upstairs. She is also brave, trustworthy, and a bit reckless. This time, Daniel asks for her help to find out what has happened to several missing children from a foundling home. Kat is particularly upset by this since, at one point, she was close to leaving her own daughter at a foundling home. The investigation turns up some unsavory activities associated with the charity and takes them into danger in the infamous slums of the London East End. Kat also meets a mysterious “brother” to Daniel, one he has never mentioned.

Murder in the East End is a solid entry in the series, with strong plotting, a cast of interesting side characters, and lots of action. The relationship between Kat and Daniel is progressing nicely, with more of his past revealing itself. I’m rooting for Kat to open the tea shop she dreams of and Daniel to extricate himself from his govern.

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