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Murder in the Mansion is the eighth mystery novel in the series by author Faith Martin.
Looking for a best-selling murder mystery with a tempered female detective?

Meet DI Hillary Greene, a policewoman struggling to save her career and catch criminals.

Mattie Jones was found brutally stabbed to death in her palatial home. Hillary Greene is called in to investigate the murder of this rich woman. Who wants her dead and why?

Hillary discovers that Mattie’s snobby attitude has made her many enemies. Mattie also went through a messy divorce and had a secret lover.

In a terrifying turn of events, police officers are being shot down outside their station. A sniper is on the loose. Who will be attacked next?

Can Hillary cope with the enemies within, a complicated case and the entire force under attack?

There’s a lot of unease going round the Kidlington Police Headquarters of the Thames Valley Police, as well as police offices across England. A sniper is on the loose, and several policemen have been killed. Everyone’s looking over their shoulders. No more smoking in the parking lot. No loitering outside. Officers are jumpy, and with good reason.

DI Hillary Greene is looking over her shoulder, too, but she’s determined not to let a sniper control her life. And now she and her team have a new murder case – a wealthy woman in the midst of a divorce has been stabbed to death just inside the entryway of her home.

The leads are few, and they go nowhere. The woman’s husband has a solid alibi. So does his current crush. The neighbors noticed nothing. No one saw a car parked nearby. Someone did see a woman riding a bicycle about the right time, but it was a considerable distance away and no identification was possible.

  • Murder in the Mansion

  • DI Hillary Greene, Book 8
  • By: Faith Martin

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