Mussolini and Hitler – Free Full Audiobook

Mussolini and Hitler is a beautiful book by Christian Goeschel.
Between 1934 and 1944, Mussolini met Hitler several times, and the two developed a relationship that had a profound effect on both countries. Germany is often seen as a high-ranking power, and Christian Goeschel demonstrates that history underestimated the extent of Mussolini’s influence over his German ally.

Goeschel, a scholar of 20th-century Germany and Italy, reviews all the important meetings of Mussolini and Hitler. How these meetings built a strong image of strong Fascist ties still resonates with the public. His portrait of Mussolini draws on sources other than political history to reveal a leader who sometimes shapes Hitler’s decisions and is not the gullible jester he often portrays. The book is a must-read for scholars and anyone interested in the history of European fascism, World War II, or political leadership.

The idea of ​​studying the collaboration of two “Great Dictators” is a good one. Especially Hitler’s conclusion that Stalin and himself were the only great dictators, with Musso always limited by remnants of the old Italian political system.

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