Mutineer/ Alexis Carew Book #2 – Free Full Audiobook

Mutineer is a literary fiction book in the Alexis Carew series by author J A Sutherland.
When Midshipman Alexis Carew thought she’d found a place in the Royal Navy, she was transferred aboard the H.M.S. Hermione. Her captain is a Tartar, liberal with cats, who thinks girls have no place on board. The other feeders in the dock were no better and the only advice she gave was to keep your head down and be quiet – something Alexis rarely does.

This is book two of the Alexis Carew series. When we left Alexis in book one she was being transferred (against her Captains wishes) to HMS Hermione, the ship has an unhappy crew, a cruel Captain and a war starting.

I noted that Sutherland borrowed the idea from British Naval history. The bloodiest mutiny in the Royal navy was in 1782 and it started aboard the HMS Hermione. The mutiny took place in the Home Fleet guarding England. I was happy the author’s note at the end confirmed I was correct about his borrowing the Hermione from the 1782 mutiny.

Sutherland is filling in more of Alexis’s character in this episode. The book grabbed my attention and kept it throughout. The characters are engaging and the plot is spellbinding. The book is well written with nail biting suspense. Thank goodness Sutherland completes the story as he did with book one and does not leave us with a cliff hanger, but I still cannot wait for the next book.

It just takes a bit of getting use to having space ships with sails and all the problems of water, food, etc., that were present in the 1800 ocean sailing ships. Must say it is an interesting idea.

Elizabeth Klett does a good job narrating the book. Glad they kept the same narrator from book one. Hope she is able to do the entire series. I hate to have different narrator in a series.

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