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My Dragon Lord is the first mystery novel in the Broken Souls series by author Alisa Woods.
My Dragon Lord is a misty new romance about a dragon teleporter who will cover your bed with love and warm your heart with dragon fire.
She is lost in the lair of the dragons of despair. She is just what they need.

Hit the floor by a Billionaire player, caught stealing files from his computer.

I’m trying to decide whether to kiss you or miss you.

He just smiled. Rich, powerful, could ever have anything he wanted.

I’m just here to find my sister. I suspect he and his gang of playboys trafficked her and I don’t know how many more.
I was chained to the wall of his dungeon – a literal darkening in the literal castle located in one of the Thousand Islands on the Canadian border.
Ember is a hot vien zoom. Niko is the passionate Lord of the Lair determined to find his soul mate. He will do whatever it takes to save his people from extinction.

The Book of Broken Souls 1. Dragons, witches and some evil guy above me. Nic must save his peeps from extinction. Ember is a reporter and an enterprising person. Her sister is missing so she follows the lead and goes to see Nic. Nic is a dragon and has a lair that Ember has secretly crashed into. As she searches for her sister, Nic catches her prowling. No spoilers from me. But let’s say the chemistry between them is very good. Tense and dramatic with a WTF series this book will get it there.

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