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My Life as a Mixtape is a literary fiction book by author LJ Evans.
The bass player, Lonnie Brennan, is known as the band’s joker. He goes to Tennessee to make sure his best friend and bandmate don’t disappear after falling in love and moves across the country in just three short weeks. Lonnie didn’t expect to fall in love with himself… with the Southern charm and sweet tea lifestyle of the small town he’s in. He’s not in the mood to be attracted to a tall Strawberry Shortcake who is completely out of bounds.

Wynn Nichols is known as the conscience of her friends. She’s always been the stable one – until her marriage and work slip away. She comes home feeling frustrated and defeated. With the divorce papers in hand, she certainly doesn’t want to be attracted to anyone, and certainly not the red-haired woodsman who sees life as a series of jokes.

When Lonnie finds himself saving her more than once, and Wynn finds himself helping him shoulder responsibilities he never expected, they form a unlikely friendship that will get them through their days. The darkest thing in life.

Do they risk that friendship for a chance to achieve something more?

This is book number 4 in the My Life as an Album series and I loved it just as much as the first three.

This book packs an emotional punch, it hit me with all the feels. Even though there are some heartbreaking moments in both Lonnie & Wynn’s stories, by the end, this story left my heart full and ready burst with happiness.

Both Wynn & Lonnie have issues to deal with, they’ve got a lot on their plates. They don’t think it’s a good idea to give in to their attraction. Because there is attraction, and it is strong. And sizzling. And oh so tempting. It’s just not the right time for either one, plus… with everything that’s being thrown at them, are they really ready for a relationship?

But once they finally do listen to their hearts and give in, and decide that their love is strong and can carry them through anything, the walls they built come crashing down and the love and trust and respect and all the heartwarming goodness came pouring out of the pages and made me smile so big. And Little Miss Edie, oh my goodness, she sometimes stole the show. She definitely stole my heart.

I couldn’t love this book more if I tried. Have you read books 1-3? You’ll want to read this one. All of the characters from this series have become so important to me. I absolutely adore all of them and I’m so happy to have met them.

  • My Life as a Mixtape

  • My Life as an Album, Book 4
  • By: LJ Evans

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