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My Lover Is a Murderous Demon is a love book by author D.S. Gramme.
Aria, an evil demon, is surprised when she falls in love with Shigeru, a poor food chef. When her master, Lord Oboro, finds out, he plans to stop her foolish ways. It didn’t turn out the way he intended. Shigeru himself is a demon, and he won’t let anyone stop him from being with Aria. After Lord Oboro was defeated, they fled together.

Aria then brings along an orphan, Yami, a boy her father killed. He vows revenge as he travels with them from place to place. What Yami doesn’t realize is that while planning his revenge, he is experiencing what it’s like to have a real family. During that time, Aria learns the meaning of true love. Can our murderous demon really be changed?

The title really caught my attention. Aria is a murderous demon who falls in love with a human, Shigeru. But it turns out he’s also a demon. I was surprised when they kidnapped Yami with the intention of eating him. It turns into a really sweet story with lots of adventure and humor. The friendship between Yami and Shigeru is amazing and adorable. I wish I could follow them on all their adventures throughout their lives.

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