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My Mother’s House is a literary fiction book by author Francesca Momplaisir.
When Lucien fled Haiti with his wife, Marie-Ange, and their three children to New York City’s South Ozone Park. He is very hopeful about innovation, wealth and comfort. He buys a run down home in a rapidly changing community and starts life anew. Lucien and Marie-Ange call their home La Kay – “my mother’s home” – and it becomes a place where their immigrant friends can find peace, a good meal, and help necessary legal. A severely traumatized man who emigrated from a country he knows evils he doesn’t, Lucien soon falls into his worst habits and impulses, with La Kay being the background for his lust.

He cannot begin to understand that the house is watching, making judgments and deciding to put an end to all the sins it has suffered. But only after it ignited on its own did the terrifying whispers reveal Lucien’s ultimate crime. An uncompromising look at the immigrant experience and a chilling depiction of one man’s depravity, My Mother’s House is a compelling listening rooted in a wondrous reality.

This book is so good it could have been written by Stephen King!!! The story builds when the people in the house cause so much pain and chaos that the house…. yes, the house…. steps in to save the day and wipe out the evil. Francesca Momplaisir writes about what villains do when they feel invincible and how the consequences end up paying. An absolutely amazing book!

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