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My Sinful Longing is the third love book in the Sinful Men series by author Lauren Blakely.
A sensual, moving, suspenseful romance novel by New York Times best-selling author Lauren Blakely.

Some women are just off limits. That doesn’t stop me from wanting Elle Mariano. She’s smart, kind, and the sexiest woman I’ve ever met.
She was fighting the demons of her past, and I never knew how hard it was to fight them.
Until the night we burned. And one night turns into hot, dirty days and secret dates.

When I find out what secret she’s hiding from me, my family’s future will become more fraught than I ever imagined.

Ever since the bastards who tried to separate my family years ago are watching both of us. Every step we take…

This book is so much better than the first book in the series! The plot was interesting in each book, however, the wording captured the interest of the readers and the storytellers were noticed. All the storytellers did a good job. Now I’m a huge fan of Zachary Webber and Ava Erickson. Even reading the first two books with or without a narrator, the plot is still there but the writer seems unable to engage the reader.

Another great book by Lauren Blakely. I love the cohesion of all the characters. How did they all consider Marcus like their brother even though they didn’t know he existed. How the plot thickens with the threatening messages Elle receives. How Clive saved them the day they found the culprit and how Marcus tells him now that his dad is not only involved in the gang but also the head of it

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