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My Sinful Love is the fourth love book in the Sinful Men series by author Lauren Blakely.
An incredibly sensual, moving, and suspenseful romance novel by New York Times best-selling author Lauren Blakely.
She’s my “what if” girl. The person I yearn for. I tried to find her again after she went to the other side of the world.

Fate swept the only woman I ever loved back into my life.

Annalise tries to break down my walls, because she’s the one who knew me before my family fell apart.

When we collided again, it was tender and savage, gentle and rough, and made me yearn for more of this kind of electric, once blue moon connection.

I want to keep her close, I will have to give the whole truth about where I went and what I did after she left.

I was in danger of losing her again, and that was not a fate I was willing to face. Not when each day brings me closer to finding the people who separated my family and seeing them put behind bars.

Until the day I learned that Annalize was holding the last piece of the puzzle to solve the mystery.

Michael is definitely the angrier of the hot Sloan brothers. With him you will get a glimpse of what a great man their father was. I love how Lauren captures the essence of Michael, who is definitely the son of his father, Tom. He is the embodiment of Thomas, and he shows deep respect for his father’s memory. Lauren doesn’t skimp on the heat, and like her younger brothers, Michael has a nice snap and his profanities are taken very seriously.

There are tears of joy and sadness in this book. Questions starting with the first book are answered. Well, there is a conclusion to the great mystery that runs through this series. And damn, what an end to that! As the truth drew closer, others and their lies and deceptions were exposed.

I don’t think Michael can be revoked by anyone outside of Sebastian York. He and Vanessa Edwin are great. I absolutely love this series and I absolutely love the updates Lauren has brought to it. You’re still with the same Sloan family and their core is intact, but it seems Lauren has evolved this story as readers have evolved in the way that similar stories are told.

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