My Sinful Temptation – Free Full Audiobook

My Sinful Temptation is the fifth love book in the Sinful Men series by author Lauren Blakely.
A love story from friend to lover narrated by Scott Brick and Samantha Cook!
Just because you want a woman doesn’t mean you get her. I’ve been craving Mindy Gamble since the night I met her. Romance is never in the cards. Working to solve a case is the only command of the day. A year later, she is one of my best friends.

The hotheaded, no-nonsense, sexy-as-hell blonde I just want to put my hands in handcuffs and do terrible things to her. I objected, because I too needed her as a friend. Until the night all my resistance cracked, and together we went to bed. I’m starting to think we can figure out how to do this.

The story of Mindy and John is the perfect ending to this amazing series! We can sense their appeal in the series and the work that they finally succumb to their charms is just a wonderful thing. I love the way they come together, and the stumbling blocks they face. I also love the crossover of the Sloan family, giving them a glimpse into their lives when justice was served! Ryan and Sophie are so sweet and bringing everyone together is magical.

Narration is perfect. Samantha Cook is one of my favorites and she was right with Mindy. I literally just listened to Scott Brick in mystery and suspense and fell in love with him as a narrator of romance! He brings John to life, keeps him tough as a cop, but adds a light side to that. They are wonderful!

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