Nemesis Games – The Expanse Book 5

Nemesis Games is the fifth science fiction novel in The Expanse series by author James S. A. Corey. The greatest fever in human history has begun. The energy structure of the old solar system began to emerge. The ships are disappearing without a trace. Private armies are being secretly formed. James Holden and the crew of Rocinante struggle to survive returning to the only remaining home.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Nemesis Games – The Expanse Book 5 by Raphael Huber

Enjoyable SciFi, recommendable, with faults

If you are into the expanse franchise this is still worth to listen to or read. It’s great to be on the Roci with the crew and I really enjoyed it.

However this and the following book (Babylons Ashes) have really one big problem in their story.
— VERY SMALL SPOILER – basically none at all —

Something terrible happens, some bad guys do it, and even though it is very very terrible they still have the support from most of the fraction of humanity they belong to. Given the gravity of what happened it is not credible at all that they would have that support. Or not without at least a generation of brainwashing and isolation from facts. But that didn’t happen.

It’s really quite bad that the story kinda relies on the people being fine with that bad thing, so very often in that story I just got annoyed because of this. It’s just not credible without assuming the that all the normal people are being extremely stupid, bad or downright sociopaths. And stories that rely on people, a whole fraction of humanity even, being stupid or bad really aren’t well thought out.

Nevertheless: Enjoyable.

Review 2: Nemesis Games – The Expanse Book 5 by Michael

Another solid chapter in this epic tale

Corey once again takes us along for a ride, although this time less on the Rocinante. Each of the crew get their hands full on their own little adventures, which results in some interesting comebacks for characters from the previous books. Will we see the permanent crew of the Rocinante increase I wonder.

I have to say that although the story is solid I found the first many chapters to be a little slow paced this time around. There is a lot to tell, especially concerning Naomi but the whole thing is slightly convoluted this time around.

Also I have to say that I was very disappointed with the recording. The audio seems clipped, as if the microphone volume was too high the whole time. It was very distracting. Other than that, a solid continuation of this amazing adventure.

Review 3: Nemesis Games – The Expanse Book 5 by nevarran

A bit of a let down.

Still the same expanse, with the same awesome characters and engaging plot. But for the first time in the series I spotted some serious plot holes and they rubbed me the wrong way. Spoilers for the book below! The way the Free Navy took over makes pretty much no sense whatsoever. You have Earth’s Force and the Martian Force (smaller of the two). Third party steals some ships from the Martians and they suddenly have the strongest force in the system… The math just doesn’t add up. The attack on Earth made little sense as well. There was a constant tension between the Earth and Mars, on top of constant treat from Belter terrorists, and they didn’t have a system to prevent someone from dumping a rock to the surface? And those rocks are invisible, because of some stealth coating? A coating no one is using on ships and weapons? Sure… The author could’ve used some McGuffin from the Aliens, or something. It would’ve made more sense than this.

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