New Spring (Full Audiobook) The Wheel of Time Prequel by Robert Jordan

Once again we are taken to the city of Tar Valon where the battle still goes on as the wheel of time still goes out of the control of the people. It’s snow around the city and war that destroys the very foundation of the land. No being escapes the deadly fangs of war and as mankind perishes there comes another prophecy related to their future.

A child is born with the fate to save the human race not only from the war but from the evil as well which roams the cities and mountains. The boy who is supposed to be the next Aes Sedai joins hands with a warrior called the Lan, both have one goal i.e to establish peace once and for all.

 The plots of evil have never risen to such standards ever; there are conspiracies as well in the palace as the king is already dead.  Robert Jordan has laid a strong foundation to the series with the help of this book. The characters are mature and developed ones, secondly, the plots and schemes are not blurred or tough to understand. We can also feel continuity in the next parts as well like The Eye of the World and The Great Hunt

The story never breaks at all though the characters come and go, new characters being introduced all the time but no difficulty is felt in understanding the series. Kate Reading and Michael Kramer also provide appealing tone to the novel through their narration. The most interesting thing however about the book and the whole series is that the writer has shown his belief in the supernatural elements to a great extreme.

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