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Night Game is the third book in the A GhostWalker Novel series by famous author Christine Feehan. The story takes Cajun GhostWalker Gator Fontenot into the hot swamps of Louisiana bayou as he tracks down Flame, a red-haired girl possessing the same extraordinary physical and psychic powers. Sex and violence soon became dangerous threats. The story captivates fans with suspense, intriguing romance, and mystical sounds.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Night Game audiobook by Daphne

Night Games

This is one the strongest books in her Ghostwalker series. Flame is a consistently strong character who gives as good as she gets. The narrator had me worried with his heavily done cajun accent he does for the main male character,Gator, but either he tones it down or the ear gets use to it. The sex scenes were hot as usual and a little crazy.

Review 2: Night Game audiobook by Ilene

Great Listen

I have listened to most of Ms. Feehan’s books. This is one of her best of all of her series. The narrator really adds to this listening experience. He is great with the accents and his ability to give different characters’ voices a different sound makes all the difference.

Review 3: Night Game audiobook by V from Kansas

A very stubborn Heroine

The Heroine is extremely stubborn, in this book. Stubborn doesn’t usually bother me but Stubborn beyond all sense, irritates the crap out of me. There is also the introduction of a conspiracy, in this book. Unfortunately, all the answers to sort out the conspiracy are not given, in this book; kind of a cliffhanger. I loved the Hero’s Cajun drawl and charm made me smile. There were also many other characters with good ole southern charm so I did love a lot of the supportive characters. Overall it was a good book, not a great book but still worth a credit.
– V from Kansas

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