Nine Princes in Amber/ The Chronicles of Amber, Book 1 – Free Online Audiobook

Nine Princes in Amber is a science fiction book by author Roger Zelazny.
The first book that made up the Corwin Cycle and his narration brought the world of Amber to life.
Amber is a real world in which all other worlds including our Earth are Shadows. Amber burned in Corwin’s blood. Exiled on Dark Earth for centuries, the prince is about to return to Amber to make a frantic and desperate run for the throne.

From Arden to the Model deep within the Amber Castle, which defines the very fabric of Reality, Corwin must contend with the power of his eight immortal brothers, all of whom are Princes of Amber. His barbaric path is blocked and guarded by strange structures beyond imaginary reality forged by demonic assassins and the Incredible Force that defies the powers of his superhuman wrath. Corwin.

The book arrived promptly and in pristine condition. Roger Zelazny is a favorite author and Nine Princes in Amber is the first of five original story books. It’s a big book with beautifully drawn characters. It only took Zelazny a few sentences to create a human being that one would feel would recognize if they were resurrected. It’s a tight story and an imaginative (but not too wild) plot with lovely dialogue. All five books of the original series are excellent.

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