Northwest Angle – Cork O’Connor Book 11

Northwest Angle is the eleventh novel in the Cork O’Connor series by author William Kent Krueger. A family caught in the crosshairs of a group of brutal killers, Cork and his daughter, Jenny, are stranded on a ravaged island where terrible and dangerous power is generated. Cork O’Conno deals with the brutal murder of a young girl. A very good book that was a New York Times bestseller.

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Review 1: Northwest Angle – Cork O’Connor Book 11 by vicki l. farrell

Gets better with every book!

I like that the characters continue to fill out with each book. The series explores each one intimately and together as a family. If you love mysteries with depth Cork O’Connor books will fulfill that love. I can’t say I’d like them as much if they weren’t read by David Chandler.
Bottom line great series

Review 2: Northwest Angle – Cork O’Connor Book 11 by Jo Anne Geej

Little Rabbit

Wonderful book with lots of ups and downs.
Tears shed while wondering what was going to happen. Mystery all around, keeping you guessing.
Cork O’Conner and family in the mix of trouble once again will keep you turning the pages.

Review 3: Northwest Angle – Cork O’Connor Book 11 by Perry B. Alers

I’m a Cork O’Connor fan, and have kept up with him throughout his series, but I was rather disappointed in this one. Cork has traditionally operated more or less by himself, but in this outing he is accompanied by his now-grown family plus several others as they all vacation on the Lake of the Woods in northern Minnesota. Though the writer wrangles them well, the effect is that of an unwieldy mob. The story thus unfolds in many directions. There is an abandoned infant to whom one of his daughters immediately bonds, a near-psychotic young Indian in a cigarette boat, a batch of hostile survivalist “Christians” who occupy a remote island, and a helpful, if not quite straightforward, resort owner who provides water transport. One sometimes wishes for a clipboard. There is a fair amount of bloodshed before everything resolves, but we finally return safely to Square One. It is clear, however, that Cork will soon be completely on his own. How Mr. Kruger will manage this remains to be seen.

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