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On Living is a book about society by author Kerry Egan.
A hospice chaplain imparts wisdom on giving life meaning, from those who leave it.

As the hospice chaplain, Kerry Egan does not preach or pray unless asked to; In fact, she found, dying people rarely want to talk about God, at least not publicly. Instead, she discovered that she had been given a priceless opportunity to witness firsthand what she calls “the spiritual work of death” – the work of finding or the meaning of life. one’s life, the experiences it contains, and the people who have touched it, the betrayals. , wounds, unfinished work and unrealized dreams. Instead of speaking, she listens: stories of hope and regret, shame and pride, mystery and revelation and secrets kept for too long. Above all, however, she listens when her patients talk about love, love for their children, partners, and friends; love they don’t know how to give; the love they gave unconditionally; the love they have learned, sometimes belatedly, to give to themselves

Egan did not just passively testify to these stories. An emergency procedure while giving birth to her first child left her physically intact but emotionally and mentally drifting. Her work as a hospice chaplain healed her from the breakdown she came to meet us all. Each of her patients taught her something – how to find courage in the face of fear or the strength to make amends; how to have deep compassion and intense empathy; way of seeing the world in gray instead of black and white. In this poignant, moving, and beautiful book, she conveys all of their precious and necessary gifts.

On Living is Kerry Egan’s retelling of the stories hospice patients told her during her years as a chaplain. I found it easy to read and engaging in recounting the wisdom and healing Miss Egan found in listening to what those with little time had to say. Their stories are sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes tragic, sometimes humorous, but never morbid. While it will get the open-minded reader thinking about facing death, this book, as the title suggests, is really about facing life.

Ms. Egan is very honest in recounting her patients’ experiences and her work trying to help them. She shows us people who are struggling to cope with helplessness and the impending end of life. She also shows us her brush with the mental disorder that has led her to work in the hospice.

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