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One Dog Night – An Andy Carpenter Novel, Book 9,  Audiobook Online By: David Rosenfelt . 

For six years, Noah Galloway has lived with a terrible secret and fear that his rebuilt life could fall apart at any moment. Now his fear had become a certainty, and he was arrested for the murder of 26 people.

David Rosenfelt, from Paterson, New Jersey, graduated from NYU. He served as president of marketing for Tri-Star Pictures before becoming a writer of novels and screenplays. He currently lives in Southern California with his wife and 35 dogs.

Grover Gardner, an actor, director, and audiobook narrator based in Washington, DC, has served as a member of the Woolly Mammoth Theater Company in Washington, as well as a Resident Director at the Everyman Theater in Baltimore.

Although I’ve been an Audible member for a few years and have listened to over 100 books, the Andy Carpenter series is by far my favorite. The plot is great but what brings Andy to life is Grover Gardner. His narration on this series is over and I can’t imagine anyone else doing it.

The only problem with the series, however, was that I couldn’t stop listening and before I knew it the book was over leaving a gap in my literary life until the next one came out. If I could give Mr. Rosenfelt some advice, it would be to write faster and give me more Andy Carpenter. I would highly recommend this series to anyone and everyone.

I’ve been waiting for David Rosenfelt’s next Andy Carpenter series for almost a year now! For me, Grover Gardner IS Andy Carpenter. I can’t imagine another storyteller for this character! I absolutely love this series and am totally hooked! I highly recommend these books to everyone.

Incidentally, I started midway with “Dog Tag”. Still, it’s fun to go back to “Bury The Lead” and see how it all started! It has it all: suspense, drama, compassion, romance and witty humor that makes me want to see more. Be careful…once you start…you can’t stop! Mr. Rosenfelt…I’m ready for the sequel!

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