One Shameless Night – Audiobook Online.

One Shameless Night A West Sisters Novel, Book 2 – Audiobook Online by A M. Hargrove.

I was dreading the flight back to the UK after a much needed home visit. Meeting Alessandro made the trip so much better. He’s sexy. Sparkling. Italian. A professor. Exactly what I needed to forget about the constant pain in my chest.

We lost each other during the long hours in the air. He is a dream come true. Or so I think. Professor McJerk has changed from the man I met on the plane. This cold, arrogant and rude version has brought a new level of torture to my life.

We became sworn enemies when insults flew between us. But a crack in my armor appeared in the form of a three-foot-tall miniature version of the man I increasingly despised.

Alessandro’s son was the complete opposite. Soon, I was entwined with his little finger. Too bad that didn’t change my feelings for his father… until I discovered Alessandro wasn’t exactly the person he portrayed him to be. A completely different man was buried beneath his rough exterior.

When the real Alessandro shows up, so does the passion. Sometimes, the most unforgettable love stories are the result of the greatest tragedies. Ours is definitely.

So I’m starting to see a pattern here…Hargrove likes to appeal to all of your emotions. Piper and Alessandro’s story starts off light and sexy, but all the intrigue and added twists have tugged at my heart. Listen to this sleepless but can’t turn off! Can’t go wrong with Mallon and Clarke.

I love the book! I love the story! Narrative is great! The only problem I had was that I felt like the ending was a bit rushed. The last part is not as detailed as the rest of the book. But overall the book is great!


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