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Corsair is an adventure, suspense, and nautical fiction book which is the sixth installment in The Oregon Files series. It features our enigmatic hero and his crew once again, trying to deal with the evils occurring on the oceans and beyond. It is written by Clive Cussler and Jack Du Brul. Cussler is an internationally recognized author and an expert on shipwrecks. He is also the founder of a marine organization that dedicates itself to preserving maritime and naval history. Read the Flood Tide from the illustrious author. Besides that, you can check out Atlantis Found.

Scott Brick is an amazing narrator for this audiobook. His performance makes it hard to put down the book until you’ve finished it. It seems like it is happening in front of our eyes.

There are many different kinds of pirates in the world. Corsairs are one of those types. Then there are the pirates who fought off the Barbary Coast. Also, some pirates infest the waters from Africa to Asia. Finally, some pirates look like something else entirely.

The US secretary of state was aboard an airplane to Libya to attend a summit. The plane crashed. The CIA sends in Juan as they distrusted the Libyans to recover the secretary. Juan finds the plane but the secretary is missing. As the Libyans have other plans, Juan finds himself in the middle of a naval battle and a search for ancient scrolls. This time, he has to go against Islamic terrorists and the fate of the nation rests on his shoulders.

This is a fast-paced action book that hits us from the get-go. There is nothing slow about the book. It is action from the start till the very end. We know what to expect from Cussler at this point in the series. This novel doesn’t disappoint either.

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