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Natural Witch is an urban fantasy and paranormal romance novel, the 1st of Magical Mayhem series authored by K. F. Breene. It also serves as the 4th book of the Demon Days, Vampire Nights series. Breene’s credentials as an esteemed author of paranormal fantasy books aren’t less than anyone. The USA Today, Washington Post, and Amazon Charts bestseller has sold more than 4 million copies of her books all around the world. Check out her novel Siege. You’re also bound to enjoy Magical Midlife Invasion.

Nicole Poole has tried her best to provide natural and unique voices for all the characters as the narrator of the audiobook.

Something had always been missing from Penny’s life. There was a hole that she could just never fill. Then, she accidentally turned a cover of witches into nightmares. Now, she knows her purpose in life. The answer to all her questions is magic.

And it turns out the Penny has a crapload of magic inside here. As a latent power exists within her, she is exposed to one of the most corrupt yet powerful organizations in the magical world – the Mages’ Guild.

Penny hardly knows the difference between a swear word and spells. She won’t be able to defend herself from the organization. However, that is when she comes across Emory. He is the Rogue Natural, the best and most feared mage in the world. He seems to be dangerous and mysterious and has a mission of his own. However, for Penny, he is the only thing that stands between her and magical enslavement.

This is an interesting book that starts another series of the author. The heroine is a bit weak but she is going to change as she goes through her trials and tribulations.

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