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Magic is everywhere as terrible things happen in the world created by Neil Gaiman. Several stories start at once in this novel and at the start, a person can feel that is mind is going all over the place. Tackling so many different happening is not an easy thing to do. On one page there is a description of a boy who is begging for his life from a troll and then it shifts to the new version of assassins who now advertise for their services. Lawlessness is on the rise as society has no proper check and balance in it.

The “Might is right” concept evolves in every story and it is the side of the bad guys which is winning in most cases and the heroes are represented as the underdogs by the author. Neil Gaiman never tries to change his narration style no matter what the story is about. It is always a nice steady voice that narrates the story and it does not go up and down anywhere. The Sandman and Norse Mythology also had the same style and tone which is present in this book.

Purchase of the Holy Grail from a store was something a person does not find every day in the books. Perhaps it was an attempt by the author to put some unique things in the story which can stay in the mind permanently. Short stories are of different characters and themes so it is better to listen to them in groups of four or five to provide the mind some time to ease a little. Someone who is looking for moral stories will find the work bizarre because no such thing exists in the book.

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