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The Little White Bird is the first book in the Peter Pan series by acclaimed author J. M. Barrie. The story is set in London about a boy David. From a baby boy to a boy about 6 years old..A story that changes with dark plots and betrayals. How gardens transform after confinement and become a magical wonderland.

Here are the top 3 reviews and commentsthat readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: The Little White Bird audiobook by jeanne

A Wonderfully charming and moving book.

There is magic here and characters I won’t ever forget. The narrator is remarkable, quite possibly one of the only people who could have brought the odd little man to life who befriends the little boy David and his family. I could go on but I’m going to sit here on my porch and live in the ending for a while longer.

Review 2: The Little White Bird audiobook by Bridget Walling

Such a sweet book. I read Peter and Mary first. Upon research I discovered that this book first introduced Peter Pan as a character. I also learned of the true story and friendship of the author and the Davies family. This book is a mix of autobiographical and fiction. It’s very poignant when you know the true story of the author’s tragedy of losing his brother and etc. I recommend this book and J.M. Barrie’s wwriting style.

Review 3: The Little White Bird audiobook by Bronwen Davids

This is a long time favorite book of mine, but gave only 4 stars because definitely not for everyone. Yes, it is quaint and a bit precious. But the story within the story predates the Peter Pan most of us know, is very different, and, for me, much more interesting and touching. This section is also released periodically as Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, with illustrations by Arthur Rackham. No Neverland, no Lost Boys, no Wendy, no Pirates or ticking crocodile. This truly is a tale of fairies, the Gardens being their haunt and Barrie seeming to be on intimate terms with their ways.

The framing story involves a curmudgeonly narrator, a little boy named David, David’s mother and a dog named Porthos. The book was a big Christmas seller in 1902. If you enjoy older books and the way English is employed in them, this could be for you. If you have already enjoyed Kensington Gardens as a stand alone work, you will perhaps now also enjoy the complete book. Or you may start trawling Amazon for copies with the original Rackham plates.

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