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Child of a Mad God is the first book in The Coven series by renowned author R. A. Salvatore. When Aoleyn lost her parents, she was left to fend off a tribe of barbarians. She dreams of escaping her home by rigid traditions. Her only hope is to be free, explore the world out there, she learns to use the power of the tribe known as the Song of Usgar.

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Review 1: Child of a Mad God audiobook by Michael V.

An Unbelievable Read!

Not in a good way. I have been a fan of Salvatore for many years, having read his most prized novels when they originally released. Salvatore has always been able to create amazing characters who, while living in unbelievable worlds (in a good way) all his characters have been believable. The worlds, the villains, the heroes, always memorable because you understood them, they made sense in their world and environment, here… neither is true.

We have a forgettable merchant who plies his trade in the most dangerous lands and waters but is haunted by the most illogical personal ghosts. We have tribes who sit and accept their yearly punishment for who knows why. Tribes who live around the most dangerous waters but fall prey to random yearly raids. We have the menacing tribe that treats women and slaves as property which really is nothing more than a poor window dressing to show one of our protagonists slow coming of age and rebellion. Finally we have a villain that is also nothing more than window dressing on a forgettable set, filled with forgettable antagonists, and even worse, forgettable protagonists.

While I found the reader enjoyable (although the accent while well done makes it a challenge to spell the names from the book) the story itself was ultimately forgettable to the point I interrupted my listen 2 times just to listen to books from other authors.

I think this is Salvatore’s worst fiction series and I will think twice before blindly buying any more of his writing.

Review 2: Child of a Mad God audiobook by steven brachna

A lot of nothing happening over a long time

What did you like best about Child of a Mad God? What did you like least?

the narrator

How would you have changed the story to make it more enjoyable?

I an a great fan of R.A. Salvatore. the highway man was one of the first books I have read. The issue I have is his focus on character development over years, but hardly going into depth on each character. its also a spoiler for his other series with adrians self reflections. I would have left the timeline to not skip as far as it did. it went from a child then a teen then an adult with nothing really happening.

Which character – as performed by Tim Gerard Reynolds – was your favorite?

adrian. during his brief appearance.

Was Child of a Mad God worth the listening time?

I really dont think it was. I felt like i was waiting years for something to happen to the characters then when something happen something else happened to change the characters then the wait I had to wait years again for another event.

Any additional comments?

i wouldnt take up this book if you havent read the demon wars saga.

Review 3: Child of a Mad God audiobook by Sailfish

A witch of a different sort

This is the start of an epic fantasy set in a world of many lands with people of typical customs and several of some very strange bewildering customs. R. A. Salvatore creates several characters through the story, each with their own story arcs along the way, seemingly, unrelated to each other but we knowingly realize that these loose story strands are destined to entangle at points.

The primary protagonist is a young orphaned girl who is part of a ruthless warring tribe that consists of witches and warriors who only seek power and use any means to achieve it. The girl is of a different mind and this, combined with her stubbornness, continually puts her in danger from her own antics and from those around her. The story proceeds with many harrowing, brutal and poignant incidents throughout until it finishes with her framed as in the picture of the book, awaiting a continuation of the tale. One, I will sadly have to wait for.

The review would be incomplete without giving much deserved credit to Tim Gerard Reynolds’ performance.

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