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Hunting Zero is the third book in the An Agent Zero Spy Thriller series by renowned author Jack Mars. CIA Agent Zero discovers his teenage girl has been kidnapped and tied up in a human trafficking ring in Eastern Europe, He embarks on a chase across Europe, leaving a devastating trail as he We break all the rules. He risked his life to save his daughter.

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Review 1: Hunting Zero audiobook by shelley

Action Packed!

Book three in the Kent Steele/Reed Lawson series is completely absorbing. The story is categorized as espionage. It fails into the thriller rather than the tactical side of this genre.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The previous ended with Reed Lawson ‘s daughters getting kidnapped by an assassin. Steele has already killed the man twice (or so he thought) but both times he survived. The assassin is convinced that it is his destiny to kill Steele. He leads Kent on a chase that appears to have no rhyme or reason and Kent is unable to predict where he will end. When he finally gets to the final destination, the assassin has left the country with his daughters who have been sold to traffickers for foreign sex trade.
When Reed finally catches up and faces off with his would be killer he learns that not all events in the past two years are what he’s been told. There’s someone on the CIA out to get him.
This is a fast paced action packed book from end to end. Multiple storylines and likable characters.
Edoardo Ballerini does an outstanding job narrating.
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Review 2: Hunting Zero audiobook by JimmyD

Suspenseful craziness! Just… Wow!

if you’re a father like me and can identify with having to do anything to keep your kids safe, then this is a must-read. haven’t gotten this far, I will continue the series and will continue to support the author if this is the kind of thing that he puts out. Bravo!

Review 3: Hunting Zero audiobook by Tim

Another great Kent Steele story

Story was great, very suspenseful. I only wish writers of this genre would consult with folks up on current fighting tactics and gun terminology. But that kind of stuff didn’t take away from the overall story too bad. performance was excellent.

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