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Shadow Game is a science novel, by famous author Christine Feehan. The content is about the hot love relationship and true love of talented billionaire Lily Whitney and Captain Ryland Miller, the leader of each team of soldiers with gifted souls. They are people imprisoned and separated from each other when receiving life-threatening enhancements. This is an eroded romance that becomes an entertaining read.

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Review 1: Shadow Game audiobook by Amazon Customer


I do not mind the occasional sex scene, especially if read by good narrator. This book however, did not contain sex scenes. What it did give the poor reader was a spinster’s idea of sex in a tub of syrup. Exhausting! Utterly to much burning love, throbbing this and that’s. Too much feeling and explanation of feeling – so to justify the frequent sex. This book had potential, but the writer killed it with long scenes that was supposed to be sizzling, but just bored the living daylights out me.

Review 2: Shadow Game audiobook by Jane

Not enough happening.

I had to force myself to keep reading.

I liked the overall outline. The characters are trained military guys given drugs to create psychic powers, but at times they have pain from it. The plot sounds ok. Bad guys want to sell this process to other countries and kill anyone in the way.

The problem is filling in the pages. Most of the book is boring conversation and ponderings about feeling bad, sad, angry, and what to do. Lily feels bad because her father was killed. Lily is upset when she learns what her father did in the past. They talk about what to do about the bad guys, but there is no interesting process of discovery. It has some heroine stupidity because twice Lily goes “alone” to the bad guys’ place saying to her buddies “I’ll be fine, don’t worry.” But something bad happens to her. Other action scenes could have been shown but were not. For example, we don’t see the guys escape from their cells. We don’t watch the scenes when people are killed. There are a couple of action scenes toward the end that were shown, but they were vague and unsatisfying – for me.

When Lily and Ryland first see each other there is an instant bond. Then their conversations sounded like an old married couple. Of course there are several sex scenes. Those are full of “I want you so bad… You feel so good…” It felt like a cheesy campy old-style romance novel.

I know many readers liked this so there must be some appeal.

The narrator Tom Stechschulte was good. I liked his deep sexy alpha male voice.

Genre: paranormal romantic suspense

Review 3: Shadow Game audiobook by Denise

Awesome Book!!!

I love this series and was so glad to see Shadow Game, which is book 1 in the GhostWalker series, was finally picked up for audio. Shadow Game sets up the whole series about Doctor Peter Whitney who experiments on men to make the perfect commando team that can work together, talk to each other without speaking, have paranormal powers like being able to make guards look the other way, blending in with the background and control over animals. They also have super hearing and can see in the dark. When Dr Lily Whitney, Dr Peter Whitney’s daughter, who also has the same type of powers as the men, is brought in on the project, she wonders if her father is a genius or a madman. Of course there is a love story as well that will blow your mind.

The narrator, Tom Stechschulte, is a brilliant choice for this series. He has a different voice for each of the GhostWalkers (the team of men in this series), and having listened to the other books in this series, he keeps the voices true to each character, in each book. Awesome!!

Christine Feehan is such a good author and I always have a hard time waiting for her next book to come out, no matter which series it is in. I really loved this book and will listen to it again and again.

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