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Order of Protection is a literary fiction book by author Lexi Blake.
Sexy and suspenseful new contemporary romance from the author.

Senior defense attorney Henry Garrison expects his latest case to be an easy payout. His client, Gillian Murphy, was nothing like he expected. There was more to a beautiful woman than he could have imagined. Gillian knows that she is innocent and that Henry is the best lawyer to represent her. She didn’t know why she was so infatuated with him. He’s tough and cynical, and he wonders if any woman can get past his solid walls.

The case becomes complicated and Gillian’s whole life is turned upside down, her identity is questioned, she must look to the people she is closest to to find the killer. Henry must decide if the case is more important than his growing love for his client.

Lexi Blakes draws you in with the first few sentences of this book. Yoy almost immediately sensed Henry’s despair, anxiety, and loneliness. He is mourning for the man he should have been or could have been, instead of who he became. Enter a Taylor Winston-Hughes, “Win”, stubborn, funny, gorgeous. She makes him feel things he shouldn’t and things he’s never felt before. She also made him forget his bad past. Win confessed all about the struggles in her life and because of those struggles, she, unlike anyone else, got Henry.

When their two-week outing was over, Henry left. He wasn’t good enough for her, at least by his judgment. Fate has different plans when Win returns to Henry’s life as she is accused of murdering her best friend. Though angry that Win had “lie” to him about her identity, Henry couldn’t leave her side. He, along with his partners David and Noah and the teams from McKay-Taggart work tirelessly to prove Win’s innocence and find the real killer.

Family drama, betrayal of a close friend, and a long-buried secret emerge. Henry finally shows up putting it all together in just a span of time. Part of that is realizing how much he loves her and can’t let her go.

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