Originals By Adam Grant – Best Selling Audiobook

Originals is a self-help psychology nonfiction book written by Adam Grant. This book tells us about non-conformists who run and move the world. It examines how people can champion new ideas and leaders can lead from a different perspective.

Adam is a psychologist and author whose books have been bestsellers around the world. He has won numerous awards for his research, speeches, and writing. He is also one of TED’s most popular speakers. Check out his book Thing Again. You can also learn a lot from Power Moves.

Since this book is educational, it can get boring for some. However, the narration by Fred Sanders and Susan Denaker keep it interesting and easy to consume.

Adam is once again on the mission to improve the world, and this time, he is focusing on the originals. These are the people who bring new ideas and values, which seem to go against the grain. They buck outdated traditions and battle conformity. Thus, they are able to generate new ideas and policies with minimum risk of failure.

Adam tries to recognize a good idea by using surprising studies and stories spanning business, sports, entertainment, and politics. They manage fear and doubt expertly and function under stress. Thus, original people don’t look to fit in. That’s where their strength lies – in not worrying about failure and other people.

This book can be one of the most captivating and important books of a person’s life. The lesson of it is so diverse and universally applicable that everyone can benefit from it. It is truly a life-changing book from all aspects. It doesn’t only change how you see yourself but also how you see the world.

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