Paradise Revival/ Passion in Paradise, Book 2 – Free Online Audiobook

Paradise Revival is the second literary fiction book in the series Passion in Paradise by Jaci Burton.
Morgan Brown owns Paradise Resort, a sensual Caribbean getaway for the sexually adventurous. Painful memories of the past keep her from enjoying the sensual pleasures found at her favorite resort, but she is determined that others should be allowed to express themselves freely. Love hurts, literally and figuratively, and she doesn’t want to be involved in sex or romance.

Tony Marino is a freelance reporter tasked with reporting on the resort and its mysterious owner. He finds a beautiful redhead with a business mind and a body made for evil pleasures. She’s also hiding something – some painful secret he wants to uncover.

What starts out as a simple weeklong business deal ends more as Tony helps Morgan banish the ghost of her past and spark her sex drive. The sizzling passion and romance of a lifetime ensues, leaving both wondering if they’ve found paradise together.

I really book. I love how Tony helped Morgan regain her sexual confidence after the tragedy she’s endured for the past 3 years. The only error was missing pages and repeating pages from Chapter 1 to Chapter 3, when it was downloaded to my Kindle.

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