Pride and Prejudice (Full Audiobook) By Jane Austen

It appears to be a wedding season when we first open this novel but as we move a bit further Jane Austen once again induces imperialism and certain sub plots. Each of the daughters wants to wed according to her on vision about life and also to a person of her own choice.

The novel depicts different the characters who though live in the same house but are totally different in approach. One of the sisters wants to marry a man of her own choice as she believes in love marriage the other believes on arranged marriage. There is another marriage that is under the radar all the time i.e the marriage of the mother and father of the Bennet sister. Their marriage too is shattered by the difference of opinion all the time and the issues of their house are adding more to their misery.

The sub theme is the flaw in the judgment of the characters that fail to recognize the personality of the people in the first glance. Other novels by Jane Austen like Emma and Persuasion also highlight the women characters mostly as that has been the main objective of the writer throughout her career. The issues that are selected are though centuries old but still they appear to be new as they are the issues related to the everyday family business. Rosamund Pike’s narration is cool, calm and just perfect.

Each word is crystal clear and the sentiments are well conveyed. No harshness or corrosiveness can be felt in the tone of the narrator and also the novel never had any harsh exchange of words even when there was a difference of opinion.

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