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Providence is a genre fiction novel. It is written by Caroline Kepnses. She writes top quality fictional novels which will easily grip your attention. If you are excited about the author and want to test some of her novels then go first with her You Love Me novel. If you find this novel close to what you like then you must also try the Hidden Bodies novel of the author.

The narration of this chapter is done by MacLeod Andrews, Paul Michael and Emily Rankin. The narration failed to create a positive impression. A lot of times, you will find the narrators reading in a whispering tone which was so much annoying.

Chloe and Jon are best friends in New Hampshire, a small town. They both shared a very strong bond which was so intense that it limits right over the mystical. But, before Jon could go on to declare his immense love for his beloved, he just gets abducted. All of his plans got dashed out for having a permanent normal life.

After four years, Chloe gave up hope finally regarding seeing Jon once again. A few months ahead of graduation, Jon finally reappeared. But, he is quite different this time. He looked much bigger and muscular. He had no memories of the time since he went missing. He wanted to resume life with Chloe where they left off. A horrifying incident happened and he realized that he had some special powers which threatened everybody around.

This book from the critics and fans has some really good recommendations. You will enjoy this novel a lot and you will feel like continuing with the other novels written by the author as well.

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