Rage By Bob Woodward – 2000 Audiobook Free Online

Authors have their taste of writing things, some like mysteries or thrillers, and others have a liking towards history. Bob Woodward possesses his crazy liking for different topics related to the current issues of the world. This is not the first time Bob has selected such a topic, Obama’s Wars and All the President’s Men talked deeply about American politics and the agendas of the politicians. Here the author takes the challenge to tell the government of the USA where they have gone wrong. 

Also, the president was informed that the Covid-19 virus could prove deadlier than the Spanish Flue. no measures were taken and the result was chaos. Bob talks about the psychological condition of the president. He never calculated the situation to be this much harmful for the nation. 

Chapters after the middle start talking about other policies of Trump. The author wants to convey the message to the nation. This is not the first time the president has gone wrong. Ministers like Dan Coats worked hard to keep things in a peaceful situation but all the efforts ended in a big zero. 

The author talks about communication between Trump and the North Korean government which has never been publically told. But the Covid-19 situation was never under control from the first day. 

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