Reaper Man/ Discworld, Book 11 – Free Full Audiobook

Reaper Man is a science fiction book by author Terry Pratchett.
The first book in the Discworld series—Colors of Magic—was published in 1983. Certain elements of the Discworld universe may reflect this.
‘Inside every living person is a dead person waiting to come out.’

Death was fired by the Auditors of Reality for the heinous crime of developing…personality. Sent to live like everyone else, Death takes a new name and begins working as a farmer. After all, he had the scythe.

And for humanity, Death is just… disappearing. This leads to the chaos you always get when an important public service is revoked. If Death doesn’t come to you, what do you do in the meantime?

You can’t let the undead roam around like lost souls—you can’t predict what might happen. Especially when they find out that real life is only for those who are living…

This is quite an interesting read, it sheds light on Discworld’s Death quite nicely (pun intended). As with previous Discworld books (I’m new to the series), it’s worth checking out, either alone or as part of a larger read of the series. If you want a more in-depth review, check out other people’s reviews; there are some that are really deep and I’m not sure I can add more

The actual book was delivered in good condition and arrived in a reasonable time, as I ordered it right in time for the winter break. I usually don’t care much for suppliers, especially with books, but they did contact them to make sure the books were delivered in good condition; Given the recent weather in my area, this is probably a good call. Good customer service is always nice to experience.

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