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Return of the Thief is the sixth book in The Queen’s Thieves series by author Megan Whalen Turner.
This beloved and award-winning series begins with the popular novel The Thief. Brings life to a world of epics, myths, and legends, and introduces one of the novel’s most charismatic and untenable characters, the thief Eugenides. Now stronger and more cunning than ever, Eugenides must navigate a perilous future in this sweeping epilogue. Perfect for fans of Leigh Bardugo, Marie Lu, Patrick Rothfuss and Sarah J. Maas.

Neither accepted nor loved, Eugenides was the nasty crux of a truce on the Lesser Peninsula, where he became supreme king of Attolia, Eddis, and Sounis. When the treacherous Baron Erondites plotted again and a prophecy appeared foreshadowing the king’s death, the merciless Mede empire prepared to attack.

Political intrigues, divine intervention, perilous travels, lost and won battles, power, passion and deception.

Imagine you’ve been hiking in the sun all day. It’s humid, hot, dusty. You may feel a tingling sensation on your neck and shoulders that signal a sunburn. There’s a rock in your boot. A mosquito has been following you for hours, flying back and forth in your ear.

You trudge the last half mile back to your camp. You take off your shoes, take off your dirty clothes, and take a dip in a cold river.

This feeling of euphoria comes close to the satisfaction of reading Megan Whalen Turner’s final installment in the Queen’s Thieves series.

Her storytelling is amazing, her details are sharp and intuitive, and her humor is top notch. Every book in the series has its surprising twists and turns, but this is clearly the only solution after the rich plot-building she sets up.

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