SALEM’S LOT (Audiobook) by Stephen King

This is the first time we see Stephen King’s name in narration department as well along with the writing as he adds his voice with Ron McLarty’s for the narration of the particular novel. All Ben Mears wanted was peacetime at his old mansion in Jerusalem so that he can forget all about the past that he has spent among the devils.

He wanted to write a book so that he could confine his life to the field of art and could do something creative in his life. However fate cannot be changed once it picks you up for a job, it keeps on following you all the time.

As soon as Ben reaches the mansion and starts to get a story out of his surroundings he gets the news of disappearance of two young boys in the woods. One thing is clear that it was not the doing of a band or group of people. Ben could smell evil surrounding the area and the woods in particular. However, after some time one of those boys comes back but he does not appear to be the same at any rate.

Mears realizes that the forces of evil present in the village are beyond his powers thus whatever surrounds the village would eat everyone up in no time. Stephen’s best could be seen in this novel as he writes and depicts suspense in a wonderful manner something that was absent in previous books like 11-22-63: A Novel and Sleeping Beauties: A Novel. The killings are also cruel and sinister in appearance. Such things tell us about the evil that we will see in the climax scenes.

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