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Sea of ​​Love is a literary fiction book by author Melissa Foster.
Lacy Snow wasn’t looking for love when she met the handsome and charming Dane Braden. She could ignore the handsome, dark-skinned, 6-foot-3 god who marked and studied sharks for a living – and messed up every nerve in her body into a knot too much. sensitive? Not even her fear of sharks could quell their intense attraction.

As the founder of the Brave Foundation, Dane Braden travels from port to port, campaigning on behalf of the mammals he loves – and spending the night comforting in the arms of strangers. The last thing Dane looks for when he meets Lacy Snow is a relationship, and the last thing he expects is to be loved.

Fifteen months – and hundreds of flirty emails, steamy phone calls and sexy video chats – then, they reunited and took their passion to the next level. When Lacy’s obsession encounters Dane’s past love life, their steamy romance is turned upside down, and when tragedy strikes, Dane and Lacy are forced to confront their fears head-on deepest as they try to navigate their own sea of ​​love.

Dane Braden wasn’t looking for anything serious, but in the fifteen months since he’d last seen Lacy Snow, she’d somehow become an important part of his life. But Skype and Facetime are nothing compared to how he feels when he finally sees her again.

Lacy Snow knows better than to get involved with a man who makes a living — and makes a home for him — on a cruise ship around the world. But there was something about Dane that attracted her, and when they were finally in the same place, there was no way they could deny their attraction. But what he does for a living is all she fears, and falling in love doesn’t necessarily make their lives more compatible.

Verdict: I absolutely love Lacy. She’s outgoing, sweet, and fun – and even when things get stressful, I understand every decision she makes.

This story is Lacey Snow and Dane Braden. Really enjoyed the story from the start, and we heard from so many of Braden’s friends and family. After that, the story narrows towards Lacey and Dane. After a long time of texting, skypeing and calling – Lacey and Dane are finally in the same space and we’ll see if they can be more than friends. There’s a lot going on in their story – both good and bad, and it’ll be interesting to watch our couple to see how they handle things.

I always like when Hal is in the story because I know that he will share his wisdom with Dane and of course both of us and we will look at the situation differently and take turns fixing or Repair any bumps on the road. Like how after the conversation with Hal, everything is going in Dane’s favor and he knows what he wants to do for him and Lacey. Great ending to the story. I heard this story in audiobook form again as narrated by BJ Harrison.

He continues to do an excellent job with his narrative and considers that from about chapter 26 to the end of the book, a lot has happened, and his storytelling has not faltered, and he just draw you into the story more than you already are.

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