Seconds Away | Mickey Bolitar Book 2

Seconds Away is the second book in the Mickey Bolitar series by author Harlan Coben. Mickey is always willing to sacrifice everything to help the people around Mickey. Mickey Bolitar and his loyal friend, the astute Ema find themselves at the center of a murder mystery that involves their friend Rachel. Mickey finds out what happened to Mickey, invite you to watch the development of this great story.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Seconds Away audiobook by Michele

Compelling story for the kid in each of us!

Book definitely WI! (worth it)

Did you read my review about Part 1 of this Mickey Bolitar mystery?

As soon as I saw that Part 2 was out and I had a credit, this book was in my library.

Again, I looked for any excuse to be listening–I even wanted to get at that dust way up by the ceiling. “No, I can’t come! I have to clean my house today”–Translate: I have the new Harlan Coben Mickey Bolitar story.

Although Mickey’s motivation strained my belief as the story progressed, I still loved the book, and want more. The reader, Nick Podehl, performed totally believably as a high school student.

I don’t agree with one of the reviewers that said this book is for kids only. These stories are for the kid in each of us. Personally, I never knew a high school where I was 6’4″, a varsity basketball player, and free to do whatever I want with no parental supervision. I never challenged the police or had unconditional support from a family member. But I don’t think anyone would want to read a mystery set in my high school years–I was closer to Christine than Mickey. For 7 hours, I got to be the Big Man on Campus.

So I listened almost without interruption, and again thought the book was too short. I hope there is more Mickey Bolitar coming soon!

Review 2: Seconds Away audiobook by MarieM

I do not understand the negative reviews for this novel. For those mature readers who expected another Myron Bolitar adventure, you should remember this is a young adult novel written about a 15 year old protagonist. It wasn’t written for the Myron audience, but for the new and engaged Mickey readers. Lighten up.

This is a great and suspenseful younger reader suspense and adventure romp. It is nuanced enough to hold the interest of a mature reader like myself, but I am not the target audience. I believe that such an action packed novel, with no adult language or sexuality, and very little actual violence is a lot like a new generational Nancy Drew. Can it stand as a timeless piece of fiction? Of course not. Can it engage and involve younger readers and encourage their pursuit of pleasure reading? It sure can! I am delighted to highly recommend this novel.

Review 3: Seconds Away audiobook by B. J. Neary

The 2nd Mickey Bolitar book is a fast-paced mystery involving the shooting of Mickey’s new romantic interest, Rachel and her the killing of her mother. As Mickey tries to visit her in the hospital with his friends providing a diversion, he finds her in her room, but must quickly hide because the sheriff is coming to question her. Mickey goes to Bat Lady in her haunted house to try to get some answers and he is further confused to find out the man from the ambulance when his father died was not part of the ambulance crew, but someone known as the Butcher. This someone also resembles a man who killed many children during the holocaust, but how can that be the same man? As a sophomore, Mickey is excited about trying out for the basketball team and hoping to make JV. But as Mickey digs deeper, he and his friends are at risk of being injured. It is only with his solo trip to the Bat Lady’s house, finding someone in the house, seeing the halls filled with pictures of children during the Holocaust and also children who are missing now, and a fiery blaze that pushes him out of the house, that Mickey realizes there is much more at work than he realizes. He doesn’t feel he can confide in anyone really, even his uncle. The mystery continues to deepen, I was so involved in the story, I did not want it to end. I was not very happy with the ending, Harlan Coben just didn’t leave you hanging the way her did in the first book, Shelter. But I will read the 3rd book and hope the ending is a cliff hanger, like the first.

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