Seven Shades of You/ Twin Hearts Duet, Book 2 – Free Full Audiobook

Seven Shades of You is the second love story in the Twin Hearts Duet Series by A.M. Johnson.
Her world is color. Fabric and paint. Indie O’Connell lives in her head. She voiced the muse. And as a freshman at St. Peter, all she wanted was to make a name for herself with the brush in hand.

His world is over. Despite his humble upbringing, Kai Carter seems to have it all. Swimming team captain and full scholarship. His golden boy is a mask he must wear to keep his dreams and his family afloat. Pieces of his life dangled precariously from his fingertips.

Forced to fight a battle he never participated in, Kai’s loyalty turns out to be his goal, and like a good captain, no matter the cost, he’s down. same ship. They never planned their worlds to collide. He is her brother’s best friend. She is said to be invisible.

Out of bounds.

Being together, no matter how much they wanted to, was a line they would never cross. But when life gets messy, boundaries become blurred, and in love, nothing is black and white.

Your Seven Shades is Book 2 of the Heart Duet. It turns out that it can be read as a Standalone – but I wouldn’t recommend that. Ever since I finished reading Let There Be Light (Book 1), I’ve been eager to jump into Kai and Indie’s story.

Indie is Royal’s twin sister. She is a shy person, and can be a bit awkward. She has schizoaffective disorder and uses her artistic talents as a coping mechanism to keep the voices in her head quiet. I love how she sees emotions in color. That’s probably one of my favorite parts of seeing the world through her eyes.

I love that even though Indie is mentally ill, the author chose to show her strength and how she fights against her demons on a daily basis to stay healthy. I love the relationship between Indie and her dad (who suffers from the same illness) and how they support each other in their episodes and learn from each other.

I adore the story of Royal and Camden. some of Johnson’s writings are like poetry to me and I actually mentioned to them that I want more or Kai and Indie, knowing then that despite – or because of – their problems, they sometimes will come together.

I’d really like to know more about their personal battles as well as any potential love stories.

Sadly though I feel that this is a bit too catchy and I have to get over it too much. I even told my husband that I enjoyed writing when the story dragged on. Should I fight or give up?, I asked. His reply was that if I had asked the question, I knew the answer.

However, I decided to give it a go and actually skimmed a bit and luckily the last few chapters made it worth reading and I even spent a year or two – not as emotional as reading it. about Royal and Camden, but in the end I really ‘felt’ the story.

  • Seven Shades of You

  • Twin Hearts Duet, Book 2
  • By: A.M. Johnson

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