Severed Souls – Sword of Truth Book 14

Severed Souls is the 14th novel of horror and suspense in the Sword of Truth series by author Terry Goodkind. This is a book about a unique world by Terry Goodkind. A world of adventures, great storytelling and people you’ll never forget. The poignant new novel by Richard Rahl, Kahlan Amnell, and their world will not disappoint.

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01- Goodkind is still the best at depicting pain and battle, leaving him reeling when he comes up with creative new ideas for these characters. A character rejoins the group, the previous chapter is narrated to him or her and it is done for flashbacks.

No one should be surprised that Richard sacrificed himself for Kahlan, he always did. Richard has come to the underworld and what will happen. Nikki must not be like the half-witch she claims to be if she can’t see that Kahlan’s confessor’s powers will return when she overcomes death and then comes back to life. Goodkind is a great author, but this book feels like he’s just gliding through the motions

02- Terry Goodkind writes the story with astonishing clarity. Some of the material is so dark and scary, I can almost feel the pain the characters are going through. When heroes escape their certain death or confinement, the thrill of existence and living is like the oscillation of a pendulum. The book horror suspense readers love this work. This book is very thrilling, the story of paranormal, fantasy, love and some mystery will be loved and received by everyone.

03- Terry Goodkind’s stories take his readers through a wide range of emotions in a richly detailed world filled with entertaining characters. Terry immerses people in the story. Authors can exploit your emotions by making you laugh, cry, or scream into your book in frustration and anger…

Terry often drags his heroes along the fiery path to hell, throwing one into the depths beyond. Readers can see Terry sharing Richard and Kahlan’s final story. He is always focused and shares this fascinating story.

04- As an emotionally invested reader, I enjoy reading about Kahlan and Richard indefinitely. I feel that they can live a lifetime together and enjoy the people they love. The fate of the world has fallen on Richard’s shoulders too many times, and he deserves to be happy. Another iteration of the basic plot is that the terrible evil/tyrant tries to take over the world and Richard is the only one who can save it. What I want is a happy ending is what I want.  Severed Souls is the book where Goodkind does an outstanding job of raising the stakes in a big way. This is an excellent book that will be suitable for many readers following the series.

The story is in a great way. Terry Goodkind is skilled at writing, his twist takes the reader on a gripping journey through a timeless tale of good and evil, love-hate verses. The storylines are well developed and the emotions are intense. The tension in his life because Richard and Kahlan face danger and violence on a daily basis. If you are a fan of the series, don’t miss this book!

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