Shadow’s Edge | Night Angel Trilogy Book 2

Shadow’s Edge is the second novel in the Night Angel Trilogy series by author Brent Weeks. Kylar Stern rejects the life of an assassin. Godking’s successful coup leaves his master Kylar, Durzo, and his best friend Logan dead. He’s starting over, new city, new friends and new career. Kylar faces a painful choice, whether he will abandon the darkness and live in a new peace.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Shadow’s Edge | Night Angel Trilogy Book 2 audiobook by Charles

more great action

If you liked the first book, as I did, you’ll enjoy this one more.

I do have to agree with a reviewer of the first book who likened the story to that of a comic book. Toward the end of the book the characters took on the persona of super heroes able to leap tall buildings. I my mind’s eye I could see the comic book ‘smash’ and ‘crack!’ verbiage hovering over fantastically drawn characters. Both the protagonists and antagonists say things to each other that could only be taken seriously in a high action book like this one.

NONETHELESS, I loved this book and cannot wait for the 3rd! I like the main character immensely and am eager to see how he handles his next adventure.

Review 2: Shadow’s Edge | Night Angel Trilogy Book 2 audiobook by Ryan Gauvin

It was good. Not great, but good. A bit slow.

The first book was constant stream of stuff that kept you in the edge of your seat with everything that happens to Kylar over a decade of his life. And that really drew me into the world, and made me really give a damn about this kid, and his life. And I was eagar to dig into book two expecting more of the same. That wasn’t the case. This book was very slowly paced, a lot more of ‘day in the life of ___’ chapters where not much actually …happens? But despite the slow pace it still held my attention. I enjoyed the story, and I would recommend it to everyone who wanted more of the world that was shown to us in book one.

Review 3: Shadow’s Edge | Night Angel Trilogy Book 2 audiobook by Dabrish

Really surprised

I thought it would be a lot better I will be honest I did nit give it a chance past half way but the love crap between him and Eileen was way way to much, didn’t care about jarl, just was really lame honestly and I had high hopes from the first. It got cheesier like when he saves the girl from the three thugs by just making parts of himself appear- that was so dumb. And then how he says it’s going to draw attention from all over the world it just feels like the rumors from that would not at all do that, like just forced. I don’t know I just really couldn’t like this one no matter how much I tried.

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