Situation Room Audiobook Free By Jack Mars | A Luke Stone Thriller Book 3

Situation Room is a mystery thriller novel. It is the third chapter of A Luke Stone Thriller novel series. The book is written by Jack Mars. He is a top writer and has given some incredibly thought provoking and entertaining novels. The best of the best novel from the author is Chasing Zero. After this one, Vengeance Zero is recommended which is also written by Jack Mars.

The narration of this book is done by K. C. Kelly. It was a good narration and the narrator did exactly what he could with the scope of the plot. However, in the start, Kelly sounded a bit lazy in giving the characters their due. But, this issue soon got rectified and came all good from then onwards.

There was a cyberattack right over the obscure US dam. It resulted in the death of thousands of innocent people. The government then had absolutely no idea that who was behind this attack and what was the motive. They didn’t took long to realize that this was only the tip of the iceberg. The fact is that the security and safety of the entire American nation was at stake. The president had no option other than to summon Luke Stone for the big task.

Luke was the head of an elite FBI department and he really didn’t wanted to have this job. But, with the new range of enemies, the president could only trust Luke. Ten starts a roller coaster and an action packed mission. Luke Stone realized that the terrorists were extremely sophisticated and a lot more than what he or others in the significant positions could have imagined.

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