Slayground – A Parker Novel Book 14

Slayground is the 14th horror and suspense novel in the Parker series by author Richard Stark. The book is about a Hunter falling prey, when a burglary turns sour and Parker finds himself trapped in a closed amusement park. He was surrounded by a series of local bandits. Parker has no exit from Fun Island, he can’t make a miscalculation. He’s low on ammo, anyone who crosses his path knows, it certainly doesn’t mean he’s defenseless.

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01- Richard Stark gives readers a roller coaster thrill from start to finish. Parker defeats corrupt officers while they track him down after an armory car robbery. Slayground makes the story engaging and suspenseful.  Parker’s goal has always been other people’s money to live on for a year or so. He possesses a professional code of honor: loyalty and respect to fellow professional thieves with whom he has worked in the past. He is violent without hesitation but only when he needs to.

In Slayground, the thug Parker becomes Rambo. Parker is trapped in an amusement park closed for the winter with a gun and a bag of cash from a burglary.
The main story begins when Parker enters the park with a bag of money just minutes after a burglary goes horribly wrong. The park is owned by local tycoon Al Lozini, the regional boss. They dealt with their own problems, and it was not surprising that Parker’s whereabouts were not reported to the police. Parker quickly realized this when police failed to show up at the amusement park despite being seen entering.

The story is that Parker overcomes improbable difficulties: a well-armed mob, a few corrupt local policemen, the winter cold. Parker uses his wits, violence and ruthlessness to fight the bandits.

02- A driver recklessly driving on icy roads crashes his escape from an armored car theft. Parker was the only one of the three to get out of the overturned car before police arrived. He is hiding in an amusement park closed for the winter. As he crossed the fence, he was seen by two policemen, who he recognized were accompanied by some robbers. The police falsely reported that he had sent off, so that they could return at the end of the mission and take the spoils from Parker.

03- Parker is entered into the park by several members of a local crime syndicate and two corrupt policemen. They decided to subdue Parker and take the money from the robbery for themselves. Slayground is divided into four parts. The first part recounts the events of the robbery and Parker’s initial activity in the amusement park. The second part deals with the activities of the crooked police and syndicate members. The third part recounts the battle between the guest and Parker. The finale shifts the focus back to Parker and ends the battle. The plot when the initiative switches back and forth between Parker and his enemies.

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