Small Favor

Small Favor is the tenth novel in The Dresden Files series by author Jim Butcher. The novel was a best-selling novel in the New York Times. With no one trying to kill Harry Dresden for almost a whole year, his life returned to normal. An old bargain has left Harry indebted to Mab, monarch of Sidhe’s Winter Court, Queen of Air and Shadows. This is a favor, so Harry repays Mab, who becomes involved with a nightmarish enemy and a deadly ally.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Small Favor audiobook by Daniel Eggert

Missing 2 minutes of audio!

I thoroughly enjoy the Dresden Files and the audiobook experience that James Marsters provides, but Caveat Emptor, the Audible version had a couple minutes of audio missing during the first interaction between Dresden and one of the Denarians.

I tried everything I could as did Audible Customer Service, but they could not figure out a means to resolve this. The publisher tells us that even in the master recording, the audio just skips from the demon changing form to Dresden barking out an impudent response to what is obviously close to the end of the conversation. It’s an error that was never caught.

Still worth the listen and still very enjoyable. Didn’t completely spoil the fun, just resulted in a few lost hours of time working with Customer Service trying to fix the issues.

Review 2: Small Favor audiobook by Lolly

A Good Story Badly Edited. Beware Missing Parts.

What could have made this a 4 or 5-star listening experience for you?

It’s an entertaining story & Marsters does his usual fine job of narrating. But there are approximately 30 lines of dialogue & text missing from chapter 13 (a smidge less than 10 minutes in) that make the section a bit hard to follow. I’m disappointed in the lack of quality control (Again! Get it together Audible!). Now that I’ve gone and read the missing section, I’ll get back to enjoying the story and hope there aren’t any more errors.

Any additional comments?

Audible, you need to hire people who can create a decent (iPhone) app. It was fine a few years ago, but now it’s pretty glitchy. Less time re-designing logos, more time creating a good user interface, please!

Review 3: Small Favor audiobook by Joel Kitchen

Always Worth the Money

Someone asked me if I caught the Super Bowl on television. I said no, the new multimillion dollar players don’t seemed to be anything like me. When I was young, even famous athletes, like Joe Namath, seemed like people you might encounter at your neighborhood bar once in awhile, famous but one of us mugs. This is why I like the character Harry Dresden.

Jim Butcher creates a great character that you’d love to sit down with and have a beer and pizza, just to listen to what he’s been up to today. You might run into Harry walking across your street and yell hello while he’s out with Mouse. The humanity of the character doesn’t dim his powerful, ever growing, powers as a wizard. Butcher does follow an old, ‘Sam Spade,’ formula, true, but the characters are so good you don’t care and find yourself glad of the time it took to read it through.

I am hoping that soon all the Harry Dresden books are here at Audible. You really do need to read them from the beginning in order to not only appreciate the plot you’re reading now, but to understand the subplot that flows through all the books. But you can still listen to ‘Small Favors’ by itself, so grab a beer (or your favorite beverage) some pizza, turn out the lights, and get on a case with Harry.

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