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Snuff – Discworld: Ankh-Morpork City Watch, Book 8, Discworld, Book 39, Audiobook Online By: Terry Pratchett

For nearly three decades, Terry Pratchett has captivated millions of fans worldwide with his careless satire, superb humor set in the imaginative Discworld, a universe very much like the universe our pillar.

From sport to religion, politics to education, science to capitalism and everything in between, Pratchett teases sacred cows with both laughter and wisdom, while exposing the warts , our weaknesses, and our eccentricities in a unique, interesting, and ultimately serious way.

In the end, Lady Sybil lured her husband, Sam Vimes, on a well-deserved vacation to escape the crime and filth of Ankh-Morpork. But for the commander of the City Watch, a vacation in the countryside is not a relaxing thing. The balls, the tea, the trash – not to mention all the fresh air and the singing of the birds – are taxing a little more for a co-born and raised in the cynical city.

However, a cop will find a criminal anywhere if he decides to look hard enough, and it isn’t long before a body is discovered, and Sam – beyond his jurisdiction, is outside. his powers, and without his bacon (thanks to him… that is, his wife) – must rely on his instincts, shrewdness and street smarts to do justice. However, when starting the chase, he has to remember to watch where he walks… After all, this is the countryside and the streets are definitely not paved with gold.

Hailed as “the funniest British writer since Wodehouse” (Washington Post Book World), with “a satirical instinct for the absurd and an animator’s eye for detail” (Washington Post Book World). Daily Telegraph, London), Terry Pratchett delivers a novel of crime, class, prejudice and punishment that shows this master at his dazzling peak.

Pratchett’s sense of humor makes every line worth reading, but the story in this book builds from a pointless character sketch into a brilliant satire about prejudice and prejudice. ​culture before you realize it’s doing it. Well worth a read, both for the story and Pratchett’s inimitable writing. Readers are also amused.

The Pratchett/Briggs combination is amazing. Both artists just keep getting better! Do yourself a favor and just start buying the DiscWorld Series. There are over 30 books so far but that’s a good thing. You will have a year of enjoyment to look forward to. Highest recommendation.


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