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Spy School Revolution – Spy School, Book 8, Audiobook Online By: Stuart Gibbs

In the eighth book in the New York Times bestselling School of Spy series, Ben Ripley comes face to face with the Croatoan – a very mysterious new criminal organization whose only evidence of its existence comes from American Revolution.

After SPYDER is defeated, Ben Ripley is looking forward to getting his life back to normal or as normal as possible as you are a super spy in training. Until someone bombs the CIA meeting room next door. To Ben’s surprise, the assailant was none other than Erica Hale, the apprentice spy he respected more than anyone else.

His mission: prove Erica is not a double agent against the United States, locate the legendary colonial insurgent group that is blackmailing her, find out what their diabolical plot is, and prevent it.

But this time, Ben finds himself facing opponents he’s never met before: his own friends. How can he succeed when he doesn’t even know who he can trust?

My son was given the spy school series for his birthday last year and when he learned that there were more books than the boxed set he received, he wanted more books for his birthday this year. He loves the series and the book too!

This is one of my favorite books but when this book came out I thought it was going to be terrible but Stuart Gibbs did it again. still love these books but to be honest i would not recommend book 1 and this book to young children but this is still one of my favorite books and i hope he continues enjoy these great works!

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