Storm Of Steel – Audiobook Online

Storm Of Steel – Audiobook Online By: Ernst Jünger

This classic war memoir, first published in 1920, is based on the author’s extensive diaries describing the arduous battles experienced on the Western Front during World War I. of the political spectrum.

Hypnotic, thrilling and magnificent, The Storm of Steel is perhaps the most compelling depiction of modern warfare ever written. From the whirlpool of World War I came scenes that could have come straight from Dante’s Inferno. Once you start listening, you can’t stop. And it never stops: nerve-wracking bombardments, agonizing gas attacks, the sudden death of a teammate by your side, and occasional weeks of downtime to recovering from being allowed to visit some fascinating French village… it’s all encapsulated in the ghostly confusion of war.

In the end, survival comes from sheer luck. Jünger shows no anger towards his enemies, and near the end, he becomes fatalistic and tired, even as he redoubles his resolve and maintains his patriotism. Jünger’s superb book calmly conveys the mysterious allure of war, the excitement of battle, and the undeniable glory of brave men. But he also described the scene of soldiers preparing for battle as if they were “some sort of gruesome, silent ritual foreshadowing human sacrifice.”

Charlton Griffin read Xenophon’s “March of a Thousand Army” which is also very good and I recommend it. The striking similarity of experience between the narratives of the two soldiers, who are separated by two millennia, truly illustrates the universal and unchanging aspects of war.

I have to say this is the best war diary about soldiers I have ever read. He doesn’t overlook anything from close friendships, to madness, gore, philosophy and tactics. It is a comprehensive dialogue well done.


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