Strange Dogs An Expanse Novella – Free Full Audiobook

Strange Dogs is a science fiction book by author James S. A. Corey.
Hugo Award Winner for Best Series.

A novel set in the hard-to-decipher world of James S. A. Corey’s best-selling Expanse series, Strange Dogs follows a colonial family in Laconia, where a new generation of humanity grapples with changes A profound change occurs when building a home on an alien world. Now a Prime Original series.

Like many before it, Cara and her family ventured through the gates as scientists and researchers, driven to create a new life and explore the endless possibilities of the world. Unexplored alien worlds are now within reach.

The soldiers followed suit and following this new order, Cara discovered what would change everything.

As other reviews have stated, it’s a Space Pet Academy, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing and the perspective in this book is significantly different from that of Pet Academy which keeps the idea fresh. The kid’s POV is also a good way to show us what’s happening on the other side of the Laconia Gate while keeping the whole thing a mystery.

We can see the story of Laconia emerging, we can see the next generation of humanity that has adapted to its surroundings and with a new mentality better than the colonists who left Sol. It is only a matter of time before the children of the World Gate will be completely different from the societies on Earth and Mars like the Belters. In the meantime, Strange Dogs gives us a better look at the evolving human race.

One thing that frustrates me – as others have mentioned – is its length. In the end, I still wanted more story, and discovering that the last 20 pages were inserted from other, unrelated books, left me frustrated and a little annoyed. It feels brief and comes to an unending end. I’m sure we’ll get back to Cara and Xan and their parents sometime in Persepolis Rising or one of the next books, but the assurance that it *will* have a sequel doesn’t soften the feeling. The feeling of displeasure was left with me by the ending of Strange Dogs.

It takes the perspective of a child, Cara, whose parents were trapped in Laconia due to Duarte’s actions, mingling between the Ashes of Babylon and Persepolis Rising. The result is interesting and also has a different tone from much of the rest of the series. I would say that the short story Strange Dogs is important, if not crucial, to the understanding of most later novels.

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