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Strange Hotel is a literary fiction book by author Eimear McBride.
This poignant tale of love, loss, and self-discovery will linger in listeners’ minds.
From Eimear McBride, author of the award-winning book A Girl Is a Half-forming Thing, comes the gripping travel story of a woman in exile: from her past, ghosts, and herself.

An unnamed woman entered a hotel room. She had been here once before. In the years since, the room hasn’t changed, but she has. Always stuck between check-in and check-out, she will continue to occupy another hotel room. Avignon to Oslo, Auckland to Austin, each as anonymous as the last but bound by the rules of her choosing. There, amid the crumbs of her travels, the matches, the cigarettes, the keys, and the room-serve booze, she bargained with her memories, with the men she occasionally met, with the clichés created to irritate middle-aged women, with those she has lost or left behind – and with what it means to return home.

McBride’s Strange Hotel is a novel of enduring emotional power.

There is very little context in McBride’s latest novel. A woman checks into a series of hotels around the world, drinking, having casual sex. There is nothing left, but a lost love in the past. It’s dense, stuffy, and verbose in the language. That makes it difficult to interact with the narrator in the first place, but stay tuned, read on, because McBride’s style becomes more poetic as the narrator considers love and loss. .

It makes for a slow, intense and remarkable read!

The Strange Hotel is Eimear McBride’s third novel. I love A Girl is a Half Formed Thing, written in an unusual and successful stream of consciousness technique. The Lesser Bohemians is an inferior novel that still applies stream-of-consciousness techniques but gives it a greater sense of understanding. Strange hotel simply not suitable for me.

The strange hotel follows an unnamed woman who spends one (maybe more) nights in hotel rooms around the world. She seems to have no purpose, no work, and little about the past. Maybe she defines herself by a previous relationship that she tries to avoid thinking about. But there’s not much to cling to. And she tells herself as the novel – written mainly in the third person – tries to do this inner monologue. This is usually about the men she has slept with during her visits to this hotel, sometimes not. No plot, no obvious character development, no resolution. Most of the story is deliberately blurred to the point that it could well be rhubarb rhubarb. And in terms of internal monologue – no one thinks or says that. It’s not convincing

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