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Stroke of Luck is a beautiful novel by author Opal Carew.
April Smith’s luxury Las Vegas wedding fell apart and burned down when her wealthy fiance cheated on her and left her with a hotel bill that was more than she made in a year. Even more humiliating, her ex-college boyfriend, Quinn Taylor, came to her rescue and bailed her out. They did not part on the best of terms and never expected to see each other again.

For Quinn, April was the one who left and despite the pain she caused him, he never forgot her. Not wanting to be in debt to him, April makes a tempting offer to Quinn: she will spend the next month with him on vacation in Vegas, satisfying his fantasies. Being with April has always been Quinn’s number one dream, and next on the list is sharing a woman with his best friend and business partner, Austin Wright. Since he can see an undeniable attraction between April and Austin, he also sees that as a condition of their agreement.

With attention and affection from two handsome and hot men, April gives up her desire to be with both of them. Those longings are a growing love that she fears might force her to choose between Quinn and Austin – or lose both.

April went to Las Vegas to marry the man she thought she loved, but after she found out he was having sex with another woman, the marriage fell apart. Her current ex-fiance is angry because she disapproves of his infidelity and intends to take revenge. He cancels their joint credit card, among other things, leaving April to pay the huge bill at the luxury resort where she is staying. While she is arguing with the hotel manager, they are interrupted by Quinn Taylor – a man April once loved. Quinn ordered the manager to put the charges on his credit card. April wonders why he did this since their breakup was so bittersweet. She soon learns that in order to help Quinn, she must agree to have sex with him — and his best friend, Austin Wright, who is also in Vegas on vacation with Quinn.

The idea of ​​having sex with two men scares April, but it makes her emotional, especially after she meets Austin. Both are strong and handsome, and they have sex appeal. She has to admit that she is attracted to both men. The deal between them is that the relationship will last as long as they’re in Vegas, but when she wakes up the next morning after spending a great night with them, she discovers that she’s married— with both men.

STROKE OF LUCK takes readers on a sensual journey as April lives up to the fantasy of having two men at once. Quinn is her ex who still wants her after all these years despite their painful breakup. Is he older than her, or is he still secretly in love with her? Readers know that he never forgot her, while she was gone with another man. April felt a lack of financial security growing up in the foster care system. When her ex, Maurice, hangs her guarantee in the form of never having to worry about money again, she seizes the opportunity, leaving Quinn behind. Quinn goes on to build a successful business that can rival her ex in wealth. Sparks still fly between Quinn and April, but can he trust her, or is she a gold digger looking to make money again?

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